Welcome Students from Covenant Christian Academy, in this page you will find, PDFs, links, and audio material correlated to the music we are practicing such as exercises, sight reading practice, and Orchestra repertoire.

Stay at Home Orchestra Project

Concerts are being postponed, lessons cancelled, and venues are closing their doors – but that doesn’t stop the music.

Here you will find all the necessary materials to practice your pieces in order to be part of this cybernetic project, you will be recording yourself at home (we will help with some instructions on how to).

Just as every performance we have done, there are different groups and levels and you will know what material corresponds to you. The next video show what we are aiming with this project.

Audios for recording

Ballad from “School Out” by Peter Martin

For 3rd Grade Miss. Sarah group

D major scale Violin
D major Scale Viola

For 3rd Grade Mr. Sam group

D major scale Violin
Violin part A
D major Scale Viola
Viola Part A
D major Scale Cello
Cello Part A
Violin part B
Viola part B
Cello part B

Dragonhunter orchestra

Violin 1 part A
Violin 2 part A
Viola part A
Cello part A
Violin 1 part B
Violin 2 part B
Viola part B
Cello part B
Violin 1 part C
Violin 2 part C
Viola part C
Cello part C
Violin 1 part D
Violin 2 part D
Viola part D
Cello part D

Songs for Veterans Day November 7th 2019

Daily practice reading pdf

Reading Practice Videos – A string