Mommy and Me (music and movement):

For 0 – 3 Y/O. Based on the theory of freedom of movement of María Montessori method, this class promotes the consolidation of coordinated gross motor movement in relation to a fixed rhythm, the appreciation of classical music, social adaptation, self confidence and encouragement of natural curiosity and imagination.
Infants and toddlers will begin to understand and enjoy music through listening, singing, dancing, musical games, instrument exploration and more.Our various class levels are developmentally and age-appropriate to promote fine and gross motor skills and brain development.

Toddlers concert 1

Baby Strings:

Program specially designed in musical initiation for children of 4 and 5 years.
At this stage, the child develops motor coordination as well as promotes interest in music in a fun and healthy enviroment knowing the basics of music and instruments.


Group Classes:

Program for students to develop musically and integrate social and musical group knowing the principles of music and playing an instrument.

INSTA clases ninas

Private Lessons:

This program is for those who like to improve their technique.
Preparation for concert recital or audition.
For students who are taking group classes and want to bring into another level their learning.


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