About Us

The McAllen String Academy is open to children ages 5 to 18 who wish to study the violin through a curriculum that includes private and group lessons, theory and master classes, chamber music and performance opportunities.

Instruction is based upon the methods and philosophies of Mimi Zweig , Sam Heredia and Peter Martin. Beginning students participate in a weekly private and/or group lesson. Parents are required to attend the private and group lessons and participate in the daily practice. The first years of musical instruction are the most important for they set the stage for everything that follows. Even if students do not chose to become professional musicians upon the completion of their studies, all take with them the love and understanding of music, only attainable after years of study.


All students enrolled in the McAllen String Academy will participate in a weekly private and group lesson. Lessons are offered during the  fall and winter semesters, and the  spring semester following the public school schedule. Initial private lessons begin with the establishment of the basic violin, viola and cello set-up which sets the foundation for all successful future violin study. The Peter Martin repertoire is used, supplemented early on by additional folk songs, fiddle tunes, Classical concerti and dances. Group classes include ensemble playing, ear training, solo performance and theory instruction. The group setting provides a positive learning environment and brings children together who share the same interests.

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